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A Nurturing Place

Jesus loves the little children….and the Somerset Bible Baptist Church family does too! Our Pre-school Ministry is a nurturing place where caring adults show children God’s love in a friendly, clean, and safe environment.

We want you to be able to come to the services at Somerset and relax and enjoy yourself! Our nurseries have a warm environment where a young child will feel at home and you will feel at ease. Our nursery staff provide excellent supervision to ensure the safety of the children. All of our nursery staff have been certified in First Aid and CPR.

One of the first observation visitors usually make about our nurseries is how clean they are. A lot of work goes into disinfecting the nurseries each week to prevent the spread of germs. We carefully choose our toys to make sure they are age appropriate and safe.

Children, birth through age 4 are assigned to preschool rooms based on their date of birth. They are loved and cared for in their classroom allowing their parents to attend Bible Study and the Church Services without worry or concern.

Additional Information

Caregivers are happy to feed your child a bottle or juice that you provide. Formula must be premixed. Your child’s bottle or sippy cup must be labeled. Cheerios and animal crackers are provided to children as snacks, unless parents specify otherwise.
We are concerned about the health of all the children in our care. Much attention is given to keeping the nursery clean. *Please do not place your child in the nursery has been sick within the last 24 hrs or if they have displayed any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours: diarrhea, vomiting, fever, questionable rash or skin infection, open sores, or runny nose (anything but clear).
A cubicle marked with your Child’s name will be available for the child’s diaper bag. Please do not use the pegs to hang diaper bags; they are not strong enough. The pegs are to be used for the child’s coat. Please label all of the child’s belongings. If a pacifier is not labeled, it should be on a cord, which may be attached to the child’s clothing.